5 beaches, 3000 standing stones, one and only CARNAC

Carnac and surroundings

La Trinité sur Mer and Carnac are vey close to each other...

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Five sandy beaches ›

St Colomban, Ty Bihan, Légenèse, la Grande Plage or even Men Du . The main one is grande plage which is close to Port An dro (Yacht Club of Carnac). Sheltered and sunny, the five beaches near Carnac are much appreciated by families for the fine sand, a gentle slopes to the sea and the wonderfully invigorating and crystal clear waters. Sand castles, swimming, fishing, walking, water sports, or just sunbathing, the beaches at Carnac offer a range of activities for holidaymakers in Morbihan. Each beach has its own personality — shady, sunny, for families or more intimate... the choice is yours!

La Trinité sur Mer ›

This amazing harbour welcomes many huge famous sailing yachts. Sailing competitions take place in this area. To cross the ria, you will drive along Kersiper bridge with an outstanding view over the ria. If you're looking for fresh seafood, a local market is available every day from 6.00a.m.

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Standing stones ›

These world famous standing stones are just a short drive from the campsite. Kerlescan stones for instance are 1.5km awy from the campsite. 7000 years old, the megalithic alignments of Carnac are world famous and are one of the most important centres of European prehistory in existence. The singularity of the Carnac megaliths is their extrordinary alignments and their sheer numbers, this is the largest gathering of standing stones of this type in the world. The two main sites (Ménec and Kermario) alone account for nearly 3,000 menhirs, and the alignments extend over almost four miles! You can download standing stones map here


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