In front of the campsite, you can find a tide mill buitl on the dam.

Tide mill

Between the lake and seashore, an uncommon tide mill...

A tide mill is a water mill driven by tidal rise and fall. A dam with a sluice is created across a suitable tidal inlet, or a section of river estuary is made into a reservoir. As the tide comes in, it enters the mill pond through a one way gate, and this gate closes automatically when the tide begins to fall. When the tide is low enough, the stored water can be released to turn a water wheel.

Tide mills are usually situated in river estuaries, away from the effects of waves but close enough to the sea to have a reasonable tidal range. These mills have existed since the Middle Ages, and some may go back to the Roman period. (from

Now, this tide mill isn't running anymore. It's a private property so you can't visit it.


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